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Labour criminal law

Labour criminal law is a branch of law related to economic offences and covers provisions on penal sanctions and fines, concerning the parties affected with regard to the social roles they have as employees or employers. The great majority of these provisions is directed against employers which means that labour criminal law mainly is criminal law against employers.

The criminal offences included here are closely linked to non-criminal standards provided for in industrial law, social security legislation, trade law and other provisions defined to govern occupational life. Criminal prosecution is focusing on acts committed in an attempt to withhold or misappropriate employee compensation (§ 266a of the German Penal Code), on illegal temporary agency work, the legal employment of foreigners and undeclared employment.

But the criminal consequences of accidents occurring at risk-prone workplaces can also be considered a part of labour criminal law. The question of who is responsible under criminal law is often critical in these cases and does not only concern the parties directly involved but also managerial employees, general managers and executive board members. The activities of this law firm includes representing alleged offenders in every stage of proceedings while also offering preventive consulting to companies with a view to preventing risks of criminal prosecution.